Sunday, 14 January 2007

Cameron is a True Tory

...apparently. So what to make of Cameron's claim to be a TruBlu rather than just BluLubour. Well he certainly has done little which convinces me of that so far, although it is possibly still early days yet. He has spent the last year sorting out the Tories image problem - lets face it he needed to - by bing nice and cuddly. If I were in his position I'd do it too, even if I did plan a more right-wing government. He hasn't specifically ruled out tax cuts on principle(see below), and I think it was right to focus attention on the working poor. True tory policies such as a flat tax(or tax cuts), workfare or independant and selective education would ultimatly help such people of cource. It's the working poor that are screwed most under socialism. The problem is convincing the public of this, Darfur Dave perhaps gives us on the right the best chance of winning these arguments. For the time being I think I'll give Dave the benifit of the dought and stick with the tories, but if I don't see somthing more right-wing over the cource of year two I may switch to UKIP.

He goes out of his way to deny that he would follow Labour's tax-and-spend
policies and holds out the prospect of possible tax cuts. "We are pledged to
share the proceeds of economic growth between public services and lower taxes,
thereby ensuring that over time the state takes a smaller share of national
wealth," Mr Cameron writes.

Perhaps there is more to Cameron than his "cuddly" image.

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